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modern day boss babe.

Hey! I'm Camille!

I 100% believe that I was put on this earth to create and help fellow badass women bring their visions to life.

Art and design have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. As a young girl, I always had a paintbrush in my hand and a design in my heart. I promised myself very early in life to never stifle my creative voice.

In keeping that promise, after finishing high school, I moved across the country to Vancouver BC to study graphic design. When I graduated college in 2015, I naturally entered the corporate space. Even though I had kept my promise to myself and was working alongside some amazing people, something didn’t feel right.

In 2020, I decided to follow my heart and pave my own path.

Soul Coast Creative is a full-scale design studio that aims to help female entrepreneurs fall in love and feel confident in the POWER of their brand! 

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Helping female entrepreneurs feel confident in their brand

More about me

I am a sensitive soul: 

Enneagram 2, Cancer, ENFP-T

I am a west coast soul:

My creative inspiration is based in everything west coast! The mountains, the ocean, and the carefree livin'!

I am a creative soul:

Outside of design, my other hobbies include photography and interior design! Anyone down to binge HGTV?

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