3 reasons to have a client workflow in your business

business Tips – Oct 21, 2022

Making sure your clients have a seamless experience when it comes to working with you is really important, a client workflow that is easy and straightforward can truly make or break your business!

When you have a workflow that makes sense, is easy and automated, it seriously makes your job that much easier!! Imagine having a system that sends automations to your clients, tracks expenses, presents gorgeous contracts and saves all files in one place so both you and your client can find them with ease. Sounds like a dream for business owners if you ask me … 

Are you considering adding workflow management softwares to your busines? If not, I would truly consider it! Through my mentorship, we can run through different platforms based on the needs of your business and see exactly what works for you!! 

1. You get clear insights into your business 

Tracking things in your business is really important (tax season will thank you!). Thankfully, there are so many systems that offer all the supports you need in one platform. I am a HUGE fan of Dubsado and use it in my business also. It tracks everything for me which is super helpful when juggling things as a business owner. If you’re interested in checking it out, here’s my discount code!

Here are a few reasons why workflows are your friends!

2. Improves customer service

Workflows, I love them! When I know there are things in place so my clients aren’t left waiting on certain things from me, it really streamlines my onboarding process to get what I need to start a project. My clients also reap from this because they also have a clear idea of what is needed to kickstart working together and get those elements in a timely manner! I like to make my client documents cohesive, adding branded elements throughout to tie in my business as a whole.. I really do love the aesthetic features some of these platforms have to offer!

3. No more paper trail

Say bye to paper documents! Workflow tools keep digital copies of files, automates the routing of tasks, alerts those who need to take action, and keeps a record of everything relevant to the process. That means, everything you need for each project lives in one, tidy place that is easy to access and organized. So next time you need to find that really important document, you’ll know exactly where to go!!