Benefits of Showit for your website 

As a designer, I’ve come across many website platforms for website builds. However, there was always something I felt was missing, especially from a user standpoint, until I came across ShowIt! 

ShowIt has quickly become my favorite website platform to use and refer my clients to. There are so many reasons why I love this platform and I wanted to share those reasons with you!

ShowIt is extremely user friendly and because of that, I feel anyone can truly use it. WIth its drag and drop features and straight forward editing options, any of my clients can make simple edits or changes if needed once their build is completed. This way, you have the freedom to maintain your own website once the customization is complete and it takes away the anxiety of having to make simple changes if there is a change in your business.

1. Full Control

If you’re not tech savvy, learning things like code or website design is going to seem quite daunting. Thankfully, with ShowIt you have the full option to customize existing templates or easily build out your own features. 

2. Customization is easy

I’ve often connected with clients who feel anxious once our time ends together, simply because they fear they won’t have the capabilities to apply updates as their business grows. Thankfully, ShowIt allows you to have full control! This platform has done a great job at lowering the learning curve with their straightforward options. This way, you can make changes as your business grows, like text updates or links! 

3: Endless Editing Options

If you’re a blogger, chances are Wordpress is your go-to. Thankfully, ShowIt seamlessly blends together with this platform. You can optimize your website SEO and reap the benefits that both platforms have to offer.

4. Wordpress yay!

Having a mobile friendly website is extremely important for your business. With our phones being our primary resource for finding information, making sure your website is optimized for this view should be top priority. Thankfully, ShowIt has a strong mobile feature that allows you to customize your mobile layout and features. Who doesn’t love that?

5. Mobile Friendly

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