Things to discuss with your client before starting a design job

A successful design project starts by understanding your clients needs, so you can help bring their vision to life.

By doing the preliminary work, like asking the right questions - you can better serve your client with less revisions and start to build a solid foundation. Here are a few things I like to touch on with my clients before we get started:

What is your inspiration?

When you understand your clients motivation, you are equipped and understand more in depth what the end goal is and why your client wanted to work with you to begin with!

What are you trying to achieve with this project?

When you know what you are trying to accomplish with your design, you can help fill in the gaps to make it possible. In my eyes, this is one of the most important questions to ask, so I can really understand exactly what the goal is for each project.

Who are your competitors?

Getting a grasp on the industry of your client, who their competitors are and what their niche is all about will really help you in the long run! Here, you can implement strategies to set you client apart and help them stand out in a sea of people in their niche.

What is your preferred aesthetic?

If you don’t know what they like, how can you create something appealing for your client? Plain and simple, you need to know what they like to produce something they’ll love.

So now you have it, a few of my staple questions to ask your client before you kick-off a new project! 

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