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Miranda Anderson, the queen of photography based in Vancouver, BC +  beyond. Her photos are elegant and intimate. She possesses a clear talent for bringing out the natural beauty of her photography subjects. The deep, earthy tones she uses in her final editing highlight the gorgeous landscapes that often fill the background of the images.

Play Cafe is a health food and drink provider for parents with young children which will also provide an indoor play space for ages 0-6 years old. The Cafe offers coffee, tea, smoothies, sandwiches, wraps, salads, baked goods + kids food. The objective is to give young families a space for the kids to play and the parents to have some downtime, whether its with having their child in the play space close by while enjoying a cup of coffee or dropping their child off at the drop in daycare for a couple of hours to get a workout in, pick up some groceries, have a meeting or just for a moment to themselves.

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