steps to finding your design niche 

business Tips – aug. 12, 2022

You started your design business, yay!! It’s an exciting time when you start your business and begin narrowing down the details that make your business unique to you. Amongst all the steps that come with starting your business, choosing your design niche is one I recommend starting with first!

When you specialize yourself in a specific niche or design aesthetic, it gives you the opportunity to be seen as an expert! A great place to start is with your own personal style and aesthetic. After all, your niche will be a big part of your brand also! So, where to start?

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A few things to ask yourself when choosing your niche

  1. Is there a design style or aesthetic your drawn too on your own?
  2. Are there specific clients that approach you and what is their industry?
  3. What are your interests, what excites you to work on?
  4. Consider your strengths when it comes to your design process! What are you good at?

These are a few preliminary things to ask yourself when dialing in on your expertise and overall aesthetic of your business!! 

Remember, if you’re still exploring different design types, styles and aesthetics, that’s okay!!! Experimenting and trying new things is all a part of the process. There isnt a huge rush to specialize, but its definitely helpful when a potential client can take a look at your work and know it matches their vision!

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